The Video Browser Showdown uses a server (the VBS Server), which is responsible for two things:

  • presenting all tasks on the projector
  • collecting and evaluating all submissions of the participant’s systems


The VBS Server uses an HTTP protocol for communication with all the VBS search systems. Every submission is compared against the ground truth (or evaluated by live judges, if there is no ground truth, such as for some AVS tasks). For more information about the VBS Server and its HTTP API, please refer to this page, where you can also perform tests via the Internet. The source code of the VBS Server is also available via GitHub.

You can download the “VBS 2019” database for the VBS Server here. It contains all the tasks that have been performed at VBS 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Copy all files into the “database” folder (ensure first, that it is empty) and start it (see – if it does not start up, please config your actual IP address in config.json).

However, please cite corresponding papers in case you use the server or the logs.